Innovative and Sustainable Design with Green Roofs

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Posted 25 Jan 2017 19:07

Green roofs or ‘living roofs’ are an obvious, visible and celebrated device in sustainable design. They offer both ecological advantages and some design challenges. As the construction industry is becoming more focused on the effects it has on the planet, the popularity of green roofs is seeing a steady increase.

Nuralite has been a part of numerous green roof projects. The Nuraply 3PG membrane system provides the perfect base for a green roof build-up. It is resistant to root-growth damage, has robust 2-layer torch-on, and it is now CodeMark certified.

A well-recognised case study for the Nuraply 3PG system is the Beach Retreat in Northland by Pete Bossley Architects. The house was awarded NZIA Supreme Winner in 2006, with Pete Bossley Architects envisioning ‘a flowing green roof lawnscape that merged seamlessly into the environment’.

Green roofs can successfully reduce run-off into storm-water drainage infrastructure. An intensive green roof will soak up 70% of water from a typical New Zealand rainstorm before it evaporates back into the atmosphere. Green roofs can stabilise a buildings thermal performance as the growing medium absorbs thermal energy and reduces temperature fluctuation due to solar gain.

As well as these environmental and performance benefits, a green roof protects the waterproofing membrane from the weather elements and UV degradation, therefore prolonging the life of the 3PG system.

As part of green roof system, specifying Nuraply 3PG ensures the roof stays watertight for longer, and with the 3PG CodeMark, it is code compliant and unchallengeable by BCAs. Add a vapour barrier and PIR insulation board, and the green roof can also be CodeMark certified Nuratherm warm roof.

Incorporating plant life and habitat into built environments enables our buildings to actively strive for an ecological contribution. Nuralite is proud of its green roof projects as they promote sustainable design and living. In the future, we hope to see the specification of more green roof systems and we aim to actively inform clients about the long-term benefits.

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