Noise Resistant PIR Insulation Boards

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Posted 25 Jan 2017 19:12

Nuralite are now expanding the use of the PIR insulation boards currently used in the Nuratherm Warmroof system to other elements of building. As it is a multi-functional product and can be effectively installed in various areas such as the roof, walls and under floor, the product has many beneficial qualities.

Our Nuratherm warm roof system not only provides considerable energy efficiency in terms of effectively minimising heat loss in comparison to other roofing and cladding materials. It similarly reduces noise pollution from the outside through the use of our Enertherm Insulation boards.

Traditionally NZ has used lofted blanket insulation and placed this between structural elements such as rafters, studs and nogs. This has been a somewhat effective, cost-saving method to help achieve the minimums stated within the building code.

However these traditional methods leave thermal breaks in the 'system' where the timber structure lies, leaving the area essentially uninsulated, therefore noisy.

Clients are demanding higher performance from their buildings, and insulation which provides sound control in is just one ingredient that comes under high scrutiny for increased performance.

This is one of many reasons clients and designers opt to use a 'Warmroof' system, where rigid insulation is placed outside the structure prior to waterproofing. This system enables efficient building insulation resulting in a better sound controlled living environment.

In terms of acoustic performance, the Nuraply Nuratherm system (Bitumen membrane, 80mm PIR, metal deck) has a Sound Transmission Loss (STC) of 37. Through this test we were able to determine the Nuralite Nuratherm roof system has very good acoustic performance both for reducing sound transmission, and for suppressing rain noise.

Like most manufactured products, not all PIR Boards are created equal and the Enertherm is in a category of its own in the New Zealand market. Key performance indicators are compressive strength, dimensional stability, and proven R-Value (EN 13165, for example).

As part of our Warm roof system the PIR is tested under extreme conditions in the respect of water absorption, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and noise reduction. As it is an ideal surface for fixing internally or externally, the PIR boards in conjunction with our Warm roof system can help make building more comfortable and quieter than ever before.

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