Nuralite earns CodeMark certification for all of its range of Nuraply membrane waterproofing systems.

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Posted 24 Mar 2017 11:30

Nuralite was recently presented with four CodeMark certificates proving our entire range of Nuraply membrane waterproofing solutions meet this rigorous standard.

Achieving CodeMark on all product systems was a first in the waterproofing industry.

When congratulating Nuralite, Colin Prouse, Chief Executive of the CodeMark certifying agency, BEAL, recognised that achieving the standard represented a lot of detailed hard work and was well deserved.

Mr Prouse said, "These certificates demonstrate that the Nuralite products covered in them are proven to be highly effective and extremely durable. For certification, Nuralite has undertaken extensive quality assurance including arranging inspection of the production facilities in Belgium"

Nuralite’s General Manager Shane Clarke said they undertook the demanding process of achieving CodeMark certification to demonstrate to Building Consent Authorities, and the industry in general, the quality, robust nature and durability of their Nuraply products.

"CodeMark certification was the drawcard for us," he said. "Prior to CodeMark, Torch Applied membranes were considered as an alternative solution within the Building Code and met some resistance from Building Consent Authorities at building consent stage. With CodeMark Certification, Building Consent Authorities must accept our systems, so long as it is used within the scope and limitations set out within the CodeMark Certificate.

"This certification also relieves Building Consent Authorities of any responsibility with CodeMark products.

"Now with CodeMark, our double layer Nuraply 3PM membrane roofing system, often described as Bulletproof, is now consented with ease! Nuralite’s systems have comprehensive certification to go down to a 1 degree slope on concrete substrates. Or go down to a final finished fall of 1:80. To ensure this final finished fall is meet, Nuralite recommends a design fall of 1: 60 for concrete and 1:40 for plywood construction."


Along with the Nuraply 3PM system, the other three CodeMark certified products Nuralite have are as follows:

  • Nuraply 3PG. A roofing membrane specifically manufactured for Green, or "living roofs". Its special properties provide root resistance to plants.
  • Nuraply 3PT/3PTM. Nuralite’s tanking membrane used for underground waterproofing of structures and basements.
  • Nuraply 3PC is used in carpark, roading and bridging decks, installed under a wear surface such as asphalt that will then take vehicle traffic.

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