Nuratherm providing a solution to energy consumption

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Posted 25 Jan 2017 19:13

The Government and New Zealand consumers are now demanding energy efficiency start being incorporated into modern building design. The need for sustainability and thermal efficiency to be built into homes is at an all-time high.  With cost saving in terms of heating and energy use becoming more of a priority these days, many innovative solutions are being developed to meet the market’s needs.

The Nuratherm Warm roof system is result of Nuralite’s desire to reduce the energy consumption in New Zealand homes and achieve a more comfortable living environment, with less moisture and mould. The Nuratherm system, compiled of our Nuraply 3PM double layered membrane and Enertherm PIR board makes for the perfect combination to enable improved insulation with no thermal breaks. As approximately 42% of heat is lost through the roof in uninsulated houses, the Enertherm PIR board maximises temperature savings.

The Nuralite Enertherm has the highest R-Value per thickness of any other insulation product. For example an 80mm thick Enertherm PIR Board will provide an R-Value of 3.60!  A lofted fluffy insulation type product would need to be around 180 - 230mm thick to match this R-Value.  Also keep in mind, the Enertherm PIR board is continuous across the whole roof area.  No thermal breaks occur at recessed down lights, or structural elements. 

The installation of a Nuratherm roof system isn’t limited to new homes. The system can be used to breathe life back into old roofs as well. An example of this is a recent project in Orakei where we overlaid an existing single ply butyl rubber roof with the Nuratherm system. Not only did it increase the thermal efficiency of the home, it helped re-vamp the overall aesthetics of the roof, as a result of the sleek black mineral finish. Even more of a bonus, this also fixed the leaking roof!

Specifying the Nuratherm Warm roof system is a CodeMark Certified, cost-effective solution, which provides immeasurable future returns in energy saving. The long-term benefits outweigh conventional roof systems and Nuralite sees installing a Nuratherm roof as an effective insulation solution, as well as investing in sustainable living.

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