Nuralite is the Trusted New Zealand Expert in Below Ground Waterproofing Providing Tough and Reliable Tanking Solutions

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Posted 12 May 2016 09:49

We are the trusted waterproofing experts as featured in a recent Eboss article.

Where below-ground waterproofing is required, Nuralite provides tough and trusted tanking solutions.

We have been supplying sub-grade tanking solutions for the last 50 years. Advantages of the Nuralite Nuraply 3PT system includes:

  • Site conditions – not affected by a damp, dirty/muddy site. Also our gas-proof membranes protect agains geothermal gases
  • Economics - often the best economic option for a below-ground situation
  • Product trust and longevity – reliable and will last
  • Resilience – tough under extreme wear and tear
  • Speed of installation – approximately 600m2 per day (2 man team), with no curing time once our system is laid
  • Detailing – torch welding ensures a watertight seal around and breaks in the tanking membrane.

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Contact us at Nuralite to discuss your waterproofing and below-ground tanking requirements.

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