Cathedral Grammar School - Christchurch
Cathedral Grammar School - Christchurch
Situation: Newly built school in Christchurch required a roof, reflecting the modern design of the building, with added durability to withstand the conditions. The aim was to achieve a mix of functionality and design in the final product.
Challenge: Essentially a tough, long lasting solution was needed, that could cope with the weather in Christchurch. Yet had an element of style to match the innovative vision of the Architect.
Solution: Using the Nuraply 3PM double layer system, we installed the roof by sequencing the insulation process. By first laying down the base sheet and making the roof watertight, we could then allow minimal foot traffic through the duration of construction phase as it was needed. Once construction was finished, we inspected and repaired the base sheet ensuring it was pristine. After that we put the finishing cap sheet down, guaranteeing the membrane surface was untarnished and providing the complete Nuraply 3PM double layer membrane system.
Products Used:

Applicator: H2off Limited

Builder: Contract Construction

Architects: Andrew Barrie Lab and Tezuka Architects

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