Raglan Tiny Home
Raglan Tiny Home

Situation: Perched on a hilltop overlooking the Raglan harbour, this architecturally designed beach house utilized its modestly sized section in an innovative way.

With a smaller site than most projects at only 559m2, the owners dreamt of a way to use the land to build a family getaway that would be home to memories for years to come. They knew they needed to plan precisely how to maximise their living space on the area available and still keep to budget.

Challenge: After considerable research of similar situations and inspired by the idea of functionality, the decision to build a tiny home was reached. With the help of TV architect George Clarke who filmed the process alongside Mitre 10 Mega, the project began.

Having a minimal footprint in comparison to an average house at only 35m2, the tiny home opened up design opportunities that hadn’t previously been investigated. The architect and owners wanted to use high quality yet durable products that reflected the unique nature of the project.

Using every inch of the space, they decided to incorporate two bedrooms, a bathroom, living area and most importantly a roof top deck. The need for innovative design methods was vital to success, therefore the owners sought companies that would be able to meet their needs.

Solution: Sourcing high quality products and choosing a reliable builder was key to overcoming the challenges faced in the tiny home build. In terms of waterproofing the structure, Total Waterproofing was able to lend a hand and skillfully install a durable double layer system onto the tight surface area.

Nuralite were pleased to donate our Nuraply 3PM membrane to create the roof and more importantly the rooftop deck on the house. As a main feature, the deck helped to maximise living space by going upwards instead outwards. As well as enabling a breath-taking view to be enjoyed from just outside the master bedroom.

Featured on TV show Mitre 10 Tiny Houses the project gained national and international recognition. Noted as an impressive standard for a tiny home, it was praised as it made effective use of space while being uncompromising on style and functionality.

The owners felt the size gave much opportunity to be creative and use spaces efficiently. And that being able to use quality and contemporary products without overspending was a definite benefit of a smaller build. Recommending tiny homes to others, Nuralite was proud to contribute to the project and hopes to see the trend increase in the future.

Product Used: Nuraply 3PM

Architect: Pacific Environments

Applicator: Total Waterproofing

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