Drains and Scuppers
Technical Information
Drains and Scuppers
A range of draining and scupper solutions can be used in accordance with Nuraply 3PM solutions.
Product Benefits:
  • Effective drain and scupper solutions for Nuraply 3PM.
Nuraply 3PM
Scuppers & Sumps:
We have commissioned a range of metal sumps and scuppers which theĀ Nuraply 3PM can be readily welded on to. The scuppers, drains and sumps are available in 80, 100 and 150mm outlet sizes.

We also stock a 75x200mm scupper and a 200x400 sump with inbuilt overflow. We can produce other outlets to any specified dimension to meet your needs.
Gutters drainage:
For gutters drains and overflows we recommend Sureflow from Allproof as they are robust, clamp based systems.
Roof & Deck Solutions:
Internal gutter | Detail shown on a warm roof design. Enlarge Download
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