A tough liquid-applied, elastomeric, fibreglass reinforced trafficable waterproofing system.

Nuradeck system is designed for application externally or internally to roofs, decks, gutters or walls constructed in concrete plywood and stable sheet material. Available in most standard or matched colours.
Product Benefits:
  • Inbuilt resistance to mould growth.
  • Quick drying.
  • Suitable for catchment of drinking water.
  • 15-year warranty.
  • Building Code verification.
  • Authorised applicators.

Specifications & Details

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Deck Solutions:
  • Reinforced trafficable waterproofing system.
  • Based on the acrylic resin technology.
Not suitable for:
  • Use on uncured or wet concrete.
  • Green Roofs & Planter Boxes.
  • Areas where ponding water will occur.
  • Environments with pollution or exposure to chemicals.
  • Areas where broad based objects will be directly upon them.
  • Areas where tiles are fixed to membrane system.
Application Method
Step 1)
Apply Nuradeck gel thinned with water as a primer to ensure penetration of the substrate surface. Allow to dry.

Step 2)
Roll on one full coat of Nuradeck gel.
Step 3)
Roll out fibreglass mat into a wet coat of Nuradeck gel taking care to keep edge of the mat in a straight parallel line, and avoiding wrinkling. Force the mat into wet Nuradeck gel with the roller, until gel comes through and saturates the fibreglass.

Step 4)
Apply two or more topcoats of Nuradeck gel ensuring that an even finish is achieved with all fiberglass completely sealed in Nuradeck gel at a total coverage of 1.5 litre of gel on every square metre of substrate.

Step 5)
Allow to dry.

Step 6)
Apply a layer of Nuraglaze if required.
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