Nurajacks & Nurapads
Nurajacks & Nurapads

The requirement to 'float' a deck surface over a membrane deck has been established in New Zealand for many years. The New Zealand Building Code Clause 'E2' page 54 states that an enclosed deck must have a removable surface so that the membrane can be inspected at any time. Nurajacks and Nurapads provide the ultimate solution.

Nurajacks are a self levelling pedestal with a large base that ensures no point loading of the membrane below. Made of UV resistant polypropylene, Nurajacks are light, yet extremely strong. They are available with a tile or timber joist head in sizes from 28mm to in excess of 550mm tall.

Nurapads are a 12mm tall disk that is a suitable interface between a tile or timber joist. Made of polypropylene, Nurapads will ensure that a tiled or timber deck is suspended a minimum of 12mm above the membrane deck to allow any water to flow beneath to the outlets.

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Nurajacks installed with tiles

Nurajacks installed with timber decking

Product Benefits:
  • Meets council requirements for decking over membrane decks.
  • Self-levelling heads - to create a level deck and indoor/outdoor aesthetic.
  • Top adjustable heads - no lifting of tiles to adjust the jacks.
  • Acoustic pads are available to minimise the noise transference to lower levels.
  • European designed and manufactured to the highest standards in quality.
  • 20 year guarantee when installed over a Nuralite membrane system.


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