Nuraply 3PC - Carpark System
Nuraply 3PC - Carpark System
Producing a watertight surface that can handle the demands vehicular traffic and building movement is a challenge the Nuralite & WABO system confidently meet.

Nuraply 3PC
is serious waterproofing for car and bridge decks. A 5mm thick sheet of APP modified bitumen. Heat fused onto the substrate with heat welded lap joints and talc upper surface. Consists of a 280 g/m² impregnated carrier with combination of polyester and glassfleece covered at the bottom side with flexible polymer bitumen. The finish of the top surface of this membrane, talcum, admits direct application of hotmix asphalt at a temperature of max. 160°C-200°C. The positioning of the carrier close to the upper surface of the membrane ensures a thorough adhesion between membrane and substrate.

WABO Expansion Joints are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any project. Nuralite works closely with WABO to ensure a complete, robust, waterproofing solution is provided to our clients.
Product Benefits:
  • Robust and durable system solution.
  • A complete 20-year product warranty.
  • CodeMark certificate insures certainty with building consents.

Specifications & Details

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Car Deck Solutions:
  • Robust, 5mm membrane solution.
  • Complete warranted membrane and WABO expansion joint system.
Product Combinations:
  • Nuraply 3PC
  • WABO Expansion Joints
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