Nuraply 3PT/3PTM
Nuraply 3PT/3PTM
Nuraply 3PT Tanking System is a positive waterproofing system that is watertight immediately upon installation. Nuraply 3PT and 3PTM are thick and tough, reinforced bituminous waterproofing membranes.

The products work together for waterproofing construction features such as foundations, basements, lift shafts, pits and underslab. Nuraply 3PTM is used underneath the slab with a granular finish to key into the poured concrete. Nuraply 3PT is a robust product for waterproofing the vertical walls. It can be welded completely onto the underslab Nuraply 3PTM to fully encapsulate the structure.
Product Benefits:
  • Long term & low maintenance waterproofing.
  •  20-year warranty.
  • Authorised applicators.
  • CodeMark certificate insures certainty
    with building consents.

Specifications & Details

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Tanking Solutions:
  • Long term, low maintenance waterproofing.
  • Waterproofing of specific construction features.
  • Complete positive encapsulation of the building structure.
Not suitable for:
  • Areas where tree roots are prevalent (use Nuraply 3PG instead of 3PT).
  • Situations where the tanking may be damaged mechanically.
  • Areas with insufficient room for an applicator to work on the substrate in a safe manner.
  • Deep multi-storey basements or areas subject to high hydrostatic pressure without the input of a Nuralite technical specialist.
Application Method - Nuraply 3PTM
Step 1)
The surface must be compacted and free of protrusions.

Step 2)
Roll out the Nuraply 3PTM with the chip side facing up.

Step 3)
Weld the lap joints in the traditional way, ensure a large bitumen bleed is evident along the joint.
Step 4)
Ensure there is sufficient material at the sides to fold up the footing.

Step 5)
Pour the slab directly onto the membrane.
Application Method - Nuraply 3PT
Step 1)
The surface to be waterproofed should be dry, smooth,free from dust, dirt, protrusions and cavities.

Step 2)
The surface should be primed thoroughly with Nuraflux Primer and allow to dry. The drying time depends on the porosity of the substrate and the environmental conditions (approx. 0.5 - 3 hrs.).

Step 3)
Nuraply 3PT is adhered to the substrate by heat fusing the base of the sheet as it is rolled up the substrate.

Step 4)
All lap joints are welded as a separate process. As this step is vital, a three pass method is used so that the quality of the weld is checked during the process.

Step 5)
Top edges overflashed or secured to ensure there are no loose or uncovered edges above or below ground level.
Step 6)
Install drainage and protection boards prior to backfilling.

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