Nuraply Everguard TPO
Nuraply Everguard TPO
Nuraply Everguard TPO is ideally suited to low slope roofs and decks, the TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane offers heat welded seam integrity, energy savings and an exceptional finish.

Nuraply Everguard TPO has intensive UV and heat resistance, meaning it’s extremely durable and effective in facing New Zealand’s varying weather conditions. It has a light reflective value (LVR) of 0.72. Available in long, wide rolls 30.5m x 3m, Nuraply Everguard TPO lengths mean there are less visible seams and overlaps in a finished surface.

Nuraply Everguard TPO is an innovative membrane that is highly flexible, puncture resistant and is 1.5mm thick. It comes with a range of approved accessories to complement the TPO and produce a fully warranted system. TPO systems combine the best performance characteristics of thermo-plastics (e.g. PVC) and elastomerics (e.g. EPDM) to ensure optimum results of installation and performance.

Product Benefits:
  • High performing
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Roof/Gutter Solutions:
  • Ideal for flat roofs and box gutters.
  • Suitable for collection of potable water.
  • Can be installed over plywood, concrete and PIR insulation board.
Deck Solutions:
  • Excellent for remedial decking.
  • Can be installed over plywood or concrete substrates.
  • Can accommodate floating tile & timber decking on Nurajacks.
Not recommended for:
  • Decks where the membrane is directly walked upon. Membrane must be protected with a floating tile or timber overlay on Nurajacks.
  • Large Green roofs instead utilise Nuraply 3PG, double layer membrane.
  • Areas that are exposed to excessive heat are not suitable for this membrane.

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The Nuraply Everguard TPO range is fixed to the substrate by way of adhesive or in some instances mechanical fixings.

This is dependent on a variety of factors i.e., the choice of TPO being selected, smooth or fleece back, the appearance expected and the selected substrate i.e. plywood, concrete, PIR boards etc.

For further information please refer to our specifications and installation information.

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