Butyl Rubber Roof Remediation
Butyl Rubber Roof Remediation
We are often asked to recommend remediation of Butyl Rubber Roofs Upgrading of these systems to modern standards is possible if you stick with Nuralite.

The first think to consider is insulation. Older buildings had very little insulation and it is a cost effective time to provide additional insulation before installing a new membrane. Nuralite would recommend using Enertherm PIR Insulation Boards which can be fastened directly onto the existing membrane. Tapered boards may be used to create a fall if there is currently ponding issues with the roof. Nuraply 3PM may be installed directly over the Enertherm boards.

If Enertherm is not being used, we require the butyl rubber to be stripped off so that we can ensure excellent adhesion between the new membrane and the plywood substrate.
Product Benefits:
  • Solution for your needs - insulation.
  • Double layer or cost effective.
  • Authorised applicators to review current roof and apply new system.

Product Combinations:

Upgrading Old Roof Solutions:
  • Authorised applicators review current roof.
  • Maintain original roof as underlay.
  • Increase insulation to modern standards.
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