Tricore - Advanced Insulated Roof System
Tricore - Advanced Insulated Roof System

With a choice of long run profiles and no end laps or sealants needed, Tricore offers an effective insulated and ventilated roofing system. Nuralite and Dimond have created Tricore for the metal roofing industry in the aims of delivering a high performing system that meet the market’s needs and brings forward the next generation of advanced insulated roofs.

Made up of multiple components Tricore has been engineered to be the next generation of roofing. Researched and perfected the system has four innovative characteristics that enhance performance: Pre- finished Lining Sheet, Insulation Board, Slotted Roof Rail and Roof Sheet and Underlay.

The pre-finished lining sheet used is the Dimond NPM 900 profile in Zincalume or ColorCote finish if left exposed as visible lining. It is pan-fixed to purlins to achieve rapid enclosure of the building.

Product Benefits:
  • Insulated metal tray roofing system.
  • Consistent R-value across roof.
  • Breathable slotted roof rail design.
  • Easy install with continuous sheets.
  • 15 year warranty.
Nuralite's Enertherm PIR board with tri-laminated aluminium foil facing to both sides is the next component. The insulation board has high compression strength: at 10% deformation ≥ 175 kPa (EN 13165) and an R-value of 3.6 at 80mm thick.
NPM 900 0.55mm 0.75mm
End Span (mm) 1800 2200
R Value 2700 3400
On top of the PIR is the Mento 1000 underlay, which absorbs any moisture present below the roof sheet, releasing it to drying air in the ventilated space below the roof sheet. The slotted roof rail in the Tricore system enables free flow of ventilation air and drainage of any moisture that may be present.

The Tricore system is a fully lined, insulated cost-effective metal roofing solution. Tricore offers a choice of roofing profiles and skylights easily optimised for appearance, thermal and acoustic performance, providing the flexibility to enhance performance and meet client needs. It is a practical, fully detailed system which is brought to you by Dimond and Nuralite.

The Tricore system is compatible with Nuralite’s Nuratherm warm roof system. This enables Tricore to be transitioned to a lower slope membrane roof or a membrane gutter.

For more information visit the Tricore webpage on the Dimond site.

PIR Thickness (mm) R* (m2 °C/W)
70 3.15
80 3.60
100 4.50
120 5.45
140 6.35
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