Point Chevalier House
Point Chevalier House

Situation: When an architect designs their own home, the possibilities for material choice can seem endless. In terms of innovative and sustainable building products, they are exposed to the best options on the market regularly. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they want to use the products that they feel are the most progressive and pioneering on their own home as well.

Guy Tarrant wanted to have a roof that could maximise living space, as he envisioned his home with high ceilings and stunning floor to roof glass windows. Hoping to create a sense of light and openness, he sought out a roof that could have a low enough pitch, yet still have the element of style he desired.

Challenge: Finding a roof system that could be near flat was a task in itself, until he came across Nuralite’s Nuraply 3PM membrane system. Because the membrane is laid over ply or concrete with our CodeMark certification, the falls can be lower than other alternatives. With the ability to have a low pitch roof the architect was able to utilize space, while simultaneously achieving the specific vision he had in mind.
Solution: Nuralite was pleased to meet the needs of the owner with our Nuraply 3PM membrane. By specifying our system, the roof fall was able to be laid at 2 degrees ensuring water tightness and durability. The roof became a main feature of the house with exposed wood panelling on the underside and up lighting to accentuate the aesthetic detailing.

The architect put a considerable amount of time and effort into achieving his dream home’s look and wanted to ensure all aspects of the design were cohesive. His dedication was recognised in the recent 2017 Auckland Architecture awards with the house being presented with the Resene Colour Award. Guy Tarrant was very pleased with the outcome of the project and Nuralite was proud to have supplied our Nuraply 3PM system on the award-winning home.

Product Used: Nuraply 3PM

Architects: Guy Tarrant Architects

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